Natural Environment and Livable World

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Tylencia Harvey
English 1101/MWF 12
October 18,2012

A Question for Philosophers
In Judith Butler’s essay Beside Oneself: On the Limits of Sexual Autonomy she discusses sexuality and what actually makes a world livable. Judith is a gay rights activist and doesn’t believe that your gender is not who you are skin deep, but it is who you define yourself as.

The world can be livable to some people, but not all. The world is harsh, and cruel, but the only reason it is like this is because of the people who live inside of it who do not wish to accept everyone for who they are. These people believe that their purpose to be here is to make judgments. A livable world is defined as being able to get your foot in the door enough so that you can have the same rights as others. Being in a livable world is not always a utopia it is simply just “livable”.

A human is made up of a great mass of things. For example cells, blood, bones, skin, hair, etc. But what constitutes a human is not just skin deep. A human is constituted of what they define themselves as, how they interact with others, and how they think. But there are certain humans who act unmannerly, and don’t treat others with the same respect as they would give someone else. Humans can be changed because of the environment they have been in. The environments that humans are in can be tainted for the good or the bad.
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