Nonverbal Case Studies

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case studies non verbal communication
Case study 2.1
No, I don’t think the combination of ‘impersonal’ and ‘subjective’ expressions weakens the plea for technical assistance. As the impersonal approach allows the others to see and analyse all of the technical details of the computer that the person is using, details like RAM, hard disk , windows version , motherboard etc. These details, in fact, helps the others to understand the problem or issue , that might causes the computer to freeze while running .

Well, talking about the second discourse i.e., subjective and colloquial , the user is trying to tell and express the frustration and the problem that he/she is going through . Use of the informal expressions like “to get some life back into it”, “alas, no joy”, “consigning it to the scrap heap” and so on , describes the feelings and the trouble he/she is facing.

So overall, the combination makes the discourses more easy and comfortable to understand. Thus , increasing the chances of getting the technical assistance.

Case study 2.2
In this excerpt, the Prime Minister Keating plays the language game very well and tries to persuade the audience and making them believe in what he is saying is right. Using the words and sentences like “ to bring out the dispossessed out of the shadows, to recognise that they are part of us”, makes the people believe that the people who are deprived of possession are also the part of this country. He also tries to tell the people that the injustice would not tolerated and ignored in this country. Even , Keating puts in the example of Australia helping the people from various countries at the time of the need and tries to evoke the prosperity and harmony in the country and insists on finding the solution to problems as one.

In the end, speaker tries to find the reason of the problems through the act of recognition and blames ourselves for ignorance and prejudice. And makes the speech...
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