Topics: Qualitative research, Psychometrics, Case study Pages: 3 (771 words) Published: June 17, 2013
1. Strengths
* Case study, are particularly useful in revealing the origins of abnormal behavior – detailed analysis of one individual – depth of analysis and the richness of the data are a strength of case studies * It provides a lot of data/information – contains rich qualitative date (interviews and hypnosis) and quantitative data (psychometric tests) * Uses range of psychometric and projective tests ( & EEG test) – involved eve’s relatives to help verify certain recollections, to add information in order to throw some light on the case

2. Weakness
* Case studies – only related to one individual – can’t be generalized to the society * Case studies also involve an enormous amount of research time * The close relationship between researcher and participants may introduce bias

3. Ethical Issues
* It could be considered whether eve white was treated more of a subject than a patient * Therapists also recognized the dilemma of deciding what their involvement should be in helping their patient * Does the therapist have the right to judge which personality is more deserving to survival than others? * Comments about eve black came off as judgmental and probably sexist and dated

4. Sample Representatives
* Never representatives of anyone other than the individual herself/himself * Only able to use results of this case to help the individual however we are able use these results or this case studies to help other therapist when they get cases similar to this

5. Date Collection
* Qualitative – Describing how each of the personalities acted, with transcripts of conversation and taken from projective tests * Quantitative data – Use psychometric tests (IQ memory), and biological tests (EEG)

Meet Eve White
* 25 year old housewife, who was being treated by Dr. Thigpen for headaches and blackouts * Use hypnotism to get the bottom of the blackouts, in particular a...
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