NRSG210 IBL Tutorial Week 1

Topics: Critical thinking, Nursing, Psychiatry Pages: 2 (487 words) Published: March 3, 2015
NRSG210 – IBL Tutorial
Week 1- Stigma & Mental State Examination
Learning Outcomes:
1. Outline social, developmental and cultural factors that impact on mental health and wellness; (GA4)
3. Reflect critically on the experiences of mental illness from consumer and carer perspectives; (GA4)
Critical Reflection Activity 1
You will need to reflect on the SDL activity information, consider your own experiences and seek additional information to complete the activity below.
From the circles, choose one area to focus a comprehensive discussion and investigation related to Stigma and Mental illness.

Consequences for
people who
experience stigma

Impacts of stigma
in the broader

How can the roles
& actions of the
mental health
nurse contribute
to stigma?

Self - Stigma

Role of the media (all
forms e.g. social
in stigma

Actions the mental
health nurse can
take/adopt to
prevent stigma.

Where do you
think stigma
originates from?

What are some of
the ways stigma
can be remedied?

Stigma and the
concept of

1|P a g e

NRSG210 – IBL Tutorial
Learning Outcomes:
4. Assess a person’s mental health status within the contexts of a holistic health assessment and potential underlying pathology; (GA6)
6. Plan, implement and evaluate safe, holistic, person-centred nursing care taking account of a person’s / family’s mental health status, strengths, risks and resilience; (GA6)
Critical Reflection Activity 2
Read the following two case studies.

Case Study 1
You are an RN working on a morning shift in the general medical ward at Royal Melbourne Hospital. Adam, a 57-year-old male admitted last night has been recently been diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus (non –insulin dependent) and now has presented with a severe ulcer on his left foot. He has been prescribed metformin 1500mg daily but has not been taking it regularly. His wife, Margaret and his...
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