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 In this case study, we see how Tom Parker managed his team for the company Arctic Mining Consultants. Parker his responsable to hiring, training and supervising a team of assistants fields. A project manager made a report to Parker concerning the result of the objective. The team are composed by 3 fields assistants : John Talbot, Greg Boyce and Brian Miller all of them had work before with Parker. The team need to stake a fifteen claims in Eagle lake, British Colombia in Canada : marks a line with flagging tape and blazes along the perimeter each 450 meters who we called "length".

Parker had plan for realize this objective 7 days to accomplish this work. Each of the four staker by consequence need to realize a daily volume of seven and a half lengths if they would to success on this task. The success of this task permitted to the assistants field to win an extra bonus of 300$ each. Fast, problems are detect : Boyce and Millar didn't arrived to respond of the daily objective. We see in this case study how Parker managed the team and how he managed all the behavior for respond to this problem.


At the end of the day Parker are unhappy to the performance of Millar and Boyce who hadn't responded to the daily quota. On his opinion is not really important to give a feedback of this first day thought Millar and Boyce need to "develop their rhythm quickly". We can see here the first symptom of the problem : a first day feedback is important in a team to see if they are subject to problem or how they regarding the task and if for them is realistic to realize objectives.

The second day Parker became really anger when Millar and Boyce announced they didn't realized the quota. Parker chosen to use the theory X of the theory X, Y exposed by Douglas McGregor in the 60's. He prefer to had a leadership more "cold" and "authoritarian". This leadership is not the best one, indeed the assistants fell more stressed, the communication are not profitable for the group. Moreover Parker is none open-mindedness after his discussion with Talbot. Talbot recommended to be less strict with them because by the fact some area are more difficult as other. Parker didn't listen Talbot, he think "condition are the same in all of the area, Millar just has to try harder".

This sentence of the manager show the beginning of the harassment who are subject Millar at work. Indeed each time when he didn't realize the objective, Parker became anger against him. This harassment concerning Millar have two bad impact : First Millar lose step by step his motivation to work well, second the other stakers receive no such attention of how much they do. The harassment of Millar regarding Millar situation, the demotivation step by step of Millar and the intern problem going to be real problem entraining dead-line failure and the team will didn't receive their bonus.

Analysis of problems
Unfortunately for the team parker didn't stop to harasses Millar at work. Indeed at the end of the third day Millar had almost success in the daily quota but Parker didn't gave to him constructive feedback. The fourth day Millar didn't success to realize the quota, Parker became really anger against him (and not against Boyce who had realized the same quota). Parker didn't understand once again the problem of Millar. Millar didn't lunch didn't take break but is not important for Parker, "Millar need to work more hard" All of these tension created stress in Millar biology. At the beginning the level of stress of Millar is not too bad, he enter to a resistance stage try to find an adaptation to the problem : he wake up more early, didn't take break, are the last one to finish the day... But Miller's adaptation made Miller in a stress shock. At the end of the day 7 he becomes physically exhausted. And On the final day Millar is not able to stay at a good level of stress and by consequence...
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