OHS Evaluation of case

Topics: Communication, Evaluation, Evaluation methods Pages: 3 (344 words) Published: December 20, 2013
Assessment 1: The marking guide
Due Weighting : 50%
Student Name(s)
Available Marks
A brief description of the organisation you will evaluate including the type of business, industry, location and number of personnel. 5 marks

Review of the effectiveness of the communication processes and consultative arrangements, both formal and informal. 5 marks

Assessment of the role of the manager/supervisor in the OHS process including how OHS issues communicated and documented, the level of awareness of managers/ supervisors of their duty of care under the Act etc 5marks

Description of current OHS the OHS policies and procedures, management’s commitment, and culture of the organisation support OHS? 5 marks

Description of the types of OHS records that are being used, or could be used, to identify OHS training needs (such as incident/accident report register). 5 marks

Description of the Risk management practices – including the frequency of hazard identification, risk/safety audits, evacuation and fire drills are conducted in the workplace, and the ways of record-keeping. 5 marks

A conclusion and recommendations to improve the OHS in the workplace 5 marks

Reference to appropriate legislation that relates to this workplace 5 marks

Report Format with table of contents, title page, executive summary, correct spelling, appropriate structure [introduction, body and conclusion] and appropriate layout and appropriate referencing., 5 marks

Samples of forms and policies from the organisation as part of the Appendices. 5 marks

50 marks

Cover Page

Monitor a Safe Workplace
Assessment 1 Evaluation of case study

Table of contents

Executive summary
I. Introduction……
II. Case Study…..
1. Brief description of the organisation
III. Conclusion…..
1. Author, book title, publisher, pub date
2. …....

Bibliography: (separate page)
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