ojt narrative report

Topics: Function, Performance, Physical exercise Pages: 14 (665 words) Published: June 12, 2014
Course Introduction –
Purpose of Course
The purpose of this course is to enable personnel to perform their activities and ---------. Course Objective
The objective of the course is to provide the course audience with the tools and knowledge to use the screens, transactions, query and reporting functions to perform their activities.  The majority of the time in the course will be spent learning the module functionality. Course Performance Objective

At the end of this course, you will have been provided with an overview of the major functionality within the modules.  You will also take part in paper-based and simulation exercises which will provide you with an opportunity to practise and review the information presented in the course. Course Performance Standard

You will participate in the classroom activities and will have completed the following activities: Module:
·                     ,
·                     ,
·                     , and
·                     .
·                     ,
·                     ,
·                     , and
·                     .
Course Performance Conditions
To successfully complete the stated performance goal, you will have access to: ·                     Assistance from Instructor / Regional Resource Person, ·                     Course notes,
·                     Demos and exercises, ·                     Simulation exercises, and ·                     Reference materials.

Outline of Course Content
What We Will Cover
This course gives training on the functions which are specific to the responsibility. What We Will Not Cover
Training is application-oriented, aimed at teaching those functions which you will use most frequently in the performance of your job.  Policies and procedures are addressed only to the extent necessary to support this focus.  If you need further clarification in these areas, you should refer to the Changes to Manual Procedures. Description of Final Course Exercise

The final course exercise consists of parts, covering the major points covered in the course.  The exercises cover the following screens/transactions: ·                     ,
·                     ,
·                     , and
·                     .
Teaching Methods
Different teaching approaches will be used.  In this course an emphasis is placed on explaining and demonstrating different system functions which are pertinent to your job. Lecture and Demonstration

This course has time allotted for both lecture and demonstration and for exercises and case studies.  Care will be taken to maintain your active involvement.  Straight lecturing will be kept to a minimum.  Some of the exercises in this course involve case studies with instructor-led walkthroughs.  They allow you to become familiar with the course manual, the job aids and the other source material made available to you during the lesson.  Demonstrations will precede individual practice. We will solicit information from you to facilitate discovery and verify your grasp of the information already presented. You will be encouraged to make notes to summarize the process and take down references. Lesson Exercises

Exercises will be used to simulate task sequences which combine functions already taught with the new function just demonstrated.  You will use a workstation and case studies to practice scenarios which allow you to gain knowledge of how to use the system, the job aids and other source documentation. Course Materials

Your training documentation includes simulation exercise materials and a Participant Guide.  Reference materials include, but are not limited to: ·                     Pertinent sections of the Business Requirements Mapping, ·                     Pertinent sections of the Functional Specifications, ·                     Pertinent sections of the Design Specifications, ·                     Pertinent sections of the User Documentation, ·                     Pertinent sections...
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