Ordering and Inventory System

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Chapter I

This chapter presents the background of the study, statement of the problem, objectives, scope and delimitation and significance of the study.
Background of the study
In this generation, the most commonly used electronic equipment is the computer. Computer can be categorized as one of the needs of the people today. Wherever we go, whatever we do we always use computer to accomplish our task and activities. Almost all the establishments, institutions, organizations and company depend on the capability of the computer. Villa Del Prado Pool and Beach Resort, situated in the exclusive Southern Tagalog Region of Quezon Province, the owner of the resort is Ms. Eufemia V. Prado and it is started last 1997. The resort offers the ultimate atmosphere for meetings, trainings and workshops, conferences, family reunions, debut, kiddie parties and weddings. It is known to be the most beautiful resort based in Brgy. Bignay 1, Sariaya, Quezon. The resort has transactions such as Reservations, Billing and Orders. Reservation Transaction is responsible to record the reservation for the customers. Billing Transaction is in charge to compute the customer’s bill, it also compute the packages they use. Orders transactions is for the canteen of the resort, it will count the bill of the customers that they eat or order. Statement of the problem

Main Problem
The main problem of the study is the manual billing, reservation, and ordering system of Villa del Prado. Currently Villa del Prado is having trouble in records keeping and the billing process, in general, that occur in their transaction.

Specific Problem
1. The billing and reservation process is unorganized
2. Inaccurate computation of data
3. Records are unsecured

Objectives of the Study
General Objectives of the Study
The general aim of this study is to develop a system that will maximize the resorts efficiency in their business transaction by developing a computerized management information system that will automate their business transactions.

Specific Objectives of the Study
1. To organize the billing and reservation process
2. To produce accurate output
3. To enforce the security of the system

Scope and Delimitation
This study focuses in implementing a computerized billing, ordering and reservation system for Villa del Prado.
The proposed system is limited only to Management Information System for Villa del Prado. Billing system includes the reservation number, description and price. Once reservation number was entered the corresponding description and price will appear, then the sub total automatically showed. Reservation system includes rooms settings, it is for adding and recording of availability of rooms, tables or cottage and the corresponding price. The difference of payment on day tour and overnight is also recorded. In the room, reservation includes room number, member list and customer reservation. Customer Information is adding for a new customer. In ordering system, contains the price list of available foods and beverage in the menu that the customer can order.

In addition, this study used Visual Basics 6.0 to create the operation of the entire system and Microsoft Access for creating a database.

Significance of the Study
This study will benefit the system user in reserving the room and billing the guest. Files of the guest can be easily retrieved. Specifically, the study will certainly be beneficial to the following.

OWNER/MANAGER. Specifically the owner will be benefited using computer-based system because it will help him in updating the records faster and easier. It will give them an accurate result and ease the difficulty of calculating in a small amount of time with a minimum effort.

ASSIGN STAFF. Less time will be consumed on computing bills.

CUSTOMERS. They will enjoy the fast service of Villa del Prado and accurate results will satisfy them.

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