Organisation Development at different level

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1.0 Executive Summary
This report provided analysis of the discussion and identification of the case study and using diagnostic tools to identify the primary and secondary problem to solve the issue and recommendations in supporting by relevant theories. The report comprised of four sections. The first section was about summarizes of the case study, the second section provided problems and analyzed based on case study. This was followed by the suggested diagnostic tools and recommendations to resolve the problems as the third and fourth section. 2.0 Overview of Case Study

Indian Ocean Developments (IOD) was known as a greatly conventional company with a reputation for its stability. Among the investors in the business industry, the company could be relied on for projects, which could be completed punctually. The Chief Financial Officer, Ced Pearce, had come out with an idea to invest in the aged care industry. With his persuasive personality and enthusiasm, the board members’ fears were dismissed. Ced’s sales ground was based on three things; the immense number of ageing baby boomers, wealthy baby boomers who wanted to live in better surroundings, and aged care being shifted to the private sector. When Ced was given free restriction to establish the first facility, he soon dissociated himself from staffing and regulatory mechanisms of aged care. He was quick to always delegate and rushed to search for funds to expand the business rapidly. Soon, the company faced complications when the global financial crisis struck in 2008. When they entered the aged care industry, it coincided with the resources boom in Western Australia. Banks were unwilling to lend and the government reduced tax concessions. Due to these unavoidable issues, the company had inadequate cash flow to cover the imminent higher fundamentals and interest reimbursements. Hence, Autumn Leaves Aged Care Inc. was in jeopardy of collapsing and Ced was called to account. 3.0 A comprehensive model for organization-level diagnose

The organization in a company can be diagnosed at three levels respectively are organization level, group level and individual level. The sequence of each level is inputs, transformation and outputs. (Worley,2009) The outputs are clear in the case, so the focus of the diagnosis is on inputs and transformation process. 3.2 Inputs

3.2.1General environment
The inputs of organization level includes general environment and industry structure. General environment refers to the external factors which can affect company strategies such as politics, economic, technology and social environment. How well the planning practitioners know the general environment will affect the strategy orientation and final result. 3.2.2Industry structure

This part consists of the effect of suppliers and buyers, threat of new entry, substitutes and competitors. These five factors are important for a company before entering a new market. A powerful supplier can provide long-term supply with stable price, lower the cost for company; and choose the right target customer will open a broad market for company. The clear cognition of the threat and rivalry is essential for the first line supervisor 3.2.3Strategic orientation(goal clarity)

Strategic orientation is an indication of the direction in which a business wants to or should go in the future, and how well it is set up to do so. A completed strategy must have clear goals, mission and intent. The goals must conform to the change of external forces. 3.2.4Personal characteristics

Personal characteristics play a key role in an organizational project because the way that people think and act can affect many side in workplace. The effects made by a top leader are more remarkable because his way to think and the decision will directly affect the result of whole plan. 3.2.5 Brief summary

Depending on various issues, the effects of each level are different and the high organization level can affect...
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