Organizational Behavior

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OL 500 Case Study Analysis Guidelines and Rubric
These case studies will provide you with the opportunity to analyze five separate organizational scenarios that allow you to practice and demonstrate your understanding of human behavior. These case studies are designed to develop your skills in analyzing various organizational scenarios dealing with communication, conflict management, demographics and diversity, emotions, motivation, and so forth.

Case studies allow you to investigate organizational challenges within a real-life context. Scenarios focus on something real and particular that you can apply for continued learning.

Your case study analysis must be in APA format. Be sure to include a separate title and reference page, a brief abstract, an introduction, subheadings, and a conclusion. The requirements for this assignment are 4 to 6 pages in length (not including title and reference pages), double spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, 1-inch margins, and discipline-appropriate citations. Failure to adhere to these requirements of submission will result in the paper not being graded.

Instructor feedback: Students can find their feedback in Turnitin.

3-1 Case Study: Is It Okay to Cry at Work?

Click to open and read the case study. You will submit this in the Turnitin item below. Based on what you learned in this chapter and the information provided in this case, write an analysis that addresses the following questions: 1. What factors do you think make some organizations ineffective at managing emotions? 2. Do you think the strategic use and display of emotions serve to protect employees, or does covering your true emotions at work lead to more problems than it solves? 3. Have you ever worked where emotions were used as part of a management style? Describe the advantages and disadvantages of this approach in your experience. 4. Research shows that acts of coworkers (37 percent) and management (22 percent) cause more...
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