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Topics: Idea, Organic composition of capital, Leadership Pages: 1 (263 words) Published: May 25, 2013
Case Study: The Rise of the Nice CEO

1. Do you think Sutton is wrong and that the contrasting fortunes, and penalties, of Nardelli, McNerney, and Immelt are coincidental? Why or why not?

No, I don’t think Robert Sutton was wrong in his idea. To acquire good quality result, CEOs must able to consider their personality in the workplace. CEOs are the leaders of the company, but it doesn’t mean they can be cruel and too bossy to their rank and file employees. They should still show to their subordinates that they should be respected, and they must have the capability to inspire their employees to be more productive and efficient. CEOs as the head of the company must be able to relate or communicate to their employees well in order to implement his ideas regarding to the company’s better progress. Just like McNerney and Immelt’s situation who are approachable and understanding, easy to talk to and acknowledge their employees opinion to improve the company’s strategies. Unlike Nardelli, he is a bad-tempered person and has a disreputable management. The tendency is his subordinates or employees aren’t willing enough to do favors and take orders from him. That’s why their productivity in his company tends to fall. Employees show a higher efficiency when they are working with a leader who is more considerate and easy going. So for me, Robert Sutton was right that if your attitude is friendly and approachable it won’t be hard for you to manage your employees and it can also help them improve their performance at work.
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