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Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies
School of Administrative Studies

AP/ADMS 4900 - Management Policy: Part 1

Summer 2013

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This course examines the strategic management process - identifying, formulating, evaluating and implementing viable business strategies. The emphasis is on issues that affect the success of the entire organization. Accordingly, we will view the enterprise as a whole, but will draw upon, and integrate into our analysis, your understanding of the various functional areas of business.

It is assumed that students are interested in the challenge of strategic management and solving strategic problems. To increase your competence in this area, extensive use of the case study method is employed. This allows us to practice our business decision-making skills in simulated general management roles. To maximize the learning experience, it is essential that all students be prepared to discuss the assigned cases.

In addition to learning about strategic concepts, you can expect to further develop your abilities in sizing up complex business situations and identifying core problems and issues. Through the case studies, you will have the opportunity to analyze qualitative and quantitative data, both internal and external to the firm, and assess what implications it may hold for the firm's success. You will learn to identify and evaluate existing and alternative strategies and gain the confidence to recommend specific courses of action. Finally, you will gain an understanding of the issues involved in effectively implementing a change in strategic direction, including addressing the issue of control.

Prerequisites: 78 credits including AP/ECON 1000 3.00; AP/ECON 1010 3.00 and six credits in management science. Course credit exclusion: None.

Students are personally responsible to ensure that they have the required prerequisites as stated in the course outline or in the course calendar. Students who do not have the prerequisites are at risk of being dropped from the course at any time during the course. The department will not be responsible for refunds resulting from students being dropped from a course due to a lack of the appropriate prerequisites. Should students have any questions about enrolment policy, please contact the Office of Administrative Studies (Room 282, Atkinson Building). Instructors do not handle enrolment related issues. Due to the nature of this course, permission for the late enrolment shall not be granted. REQUIRED TEXT

Dess, G.G., Lumpkin, G.T., Eisner, A.B., Peridis, T., Strategic Management: Creating Competitive Advantages, Third Canadian Edition (2012) McGraw-Hill Ryerson.

Beamish P.W., Cases in Strategic Management, Tenth Edition (2012) McGraw-Hill Ryerson

Report on Business or the Financial Post (as often as possible!)


Session 1 – May 7th
Lecture:Course Information
What is Strategic Management?
Overview of the Strategic Management Process
Role of the General Manager
Vision ? Mission ? Strategic Objectives ? Policies Definitions of Strategy
Strategy and Performance
Text:Chapter 1

Session 2 – May 14th
Lecture:Strategic Management Process/Framework
Strategic Analysis/Thinking
Φ SWOT analysis
Φ Analytical models
Φ Economic scenarios
Generic Competitive Strategies
Competitive Advantage
Text:Chapters 2 & 5
Case:Coral Divers Resort (Case #26)

Session 3 – May 21
Lecture:Environmental Analysis
Φ environments, time horizon, focus
Industry Environment
Φ Porter’s Five-Forces Model...
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