Overwiev of Portfolio in Perspectives on Industrial Management Course

Topics: Management, Case study, Costs Pages: 2 (509 words) Published: November 2, 2010
In the Perspective on Industrial Management Course we dealed with three case studies which are Case A,B and C. These case studies are related with the three main perspectives of industrial organizations which are Functional Perspective ( Case Study A), Individual Perspective ( Case Study B) and Industrial Perspective ( Case Study C). In the Case Study A, we investigated as a group should we outsource the production of the Temecula Plant to contract manufacturer in China, should we stay in America or should we offshore to China which means opening a new manufacture plan in China. We studied with Richard Ivey School of Business’ case study “Scotts Miracle-Gro: The Spreader Sourcing Decision.” We used financial data which is given in the case study to decide what Scotts should do. We also benefited from the article of Ronan McIvor:”What is the right outsourcing strategy for your process?”. Because there are other important points different than financial factors when outsourcing. McIvor’s outsourcing strategies really helped us to understand how the outsourcing decision impacts the long term capabilities of the organization. We have made total cost analysis to compare the total costs of the three options; outsource to China, stay in California and offshore to China. We used NPV (Net Present Value) Method when evaluating total cost analysis. We prepared a power point presentation which includes strategic risks and benefits of outsourcing, the outsourcing strategy and McIvor’s outsourcing framework, total cost analysis of three options and the conclusion part is about what Scotts should do. In the Case Study B, we investigated as a group IBM’s diversity strategy. Gender and diversity issues are important coefficients for multinational companies like IBM. In most of the international companies, there are employees from all over the world. In order to create a efficient working enviroment, international companies have to deal with gender and diversity issues. We...
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