P3 - Communication Influences

Topics: Environment, Doctor, Lunch Pages: 3 (898 words) Published: October 5, 2012
Explain factors that may influence communication & interpersonal interactions in health and social care environments.

I will be explaining the barrier which may have influenced the case study of Mr and Mrs Singh’s meeting with the MDT and how environmental factors influenced the interaction within the meeting. I am going to be looking at environmental factors such as, noise, setting, seating, lighting, space and time.

Case Study

Mrs Singh has recently had major surgery and the meeting is aimed at organising a discharge package for Mrs Singh. Mrs Singh would most probably not feel 100% and may feel unwell and unable to give her full attention and feel like her decisions could be the wrong one. It states in the case study the multi disciplinary team was made up of the ward nurse, district nurse, social worker, the doctor, physiotherapist a dietician and an occupational therapist. All of these are highly trained medical staff and may have made Mrs Singh and her husband over whelmed and made them feel belittled.

The meeting is held in the ward day room at lunchtime, this would lead to many people walking in and out un-supervised due to it being lunch time and it being in the ward day room, this would be off putting for Mrs Singh for when listening to what the MDT team have to say about her situation and would interrupt the communication. The MDT are all seated around the table on high chairs whilst Mr and Mrs Singh are seated on lower patient chairs. Negatively this would impact on Mr. and Mrs. Singh confidence as they would feel intimidated of the structure of the meeting as when communicated eye contact needs to be there between all parties and this would not be achieved due to the different levels of which people are seated. However it would be a positive impact on the MDTas they would feel more important as they are higher up. Background noise and lights flickering is a negative impact as it will be a huge distraction for the interaction...
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