Topics: Case study, Scientific method, Strategic management Pages: 3 (686 words) Published: June 28, 2013
 Pepsico: Competition in Energy Drinks, Sports Drinks and Vitamin-Enhanced Beverages  
Indra Nooyi’s is considering you for a brand management position at PepsiCo.  Please prepare a Report to Management that details PepsiCo’s situation and future prospects in the global and U.S. alternative beverage industry.   Give your recommendations as to what actions top management should take to enhance PepsiCo’s position and future performance particularly as concern competing effectively in the market for energy drinks, sports drinks and Vitamin-Enhanced beverages.  The assignment carries 10% weight in course grade.  

Apply the Five Forces model,
Driving Forces Analysis,
Explain Business Model,
Evaluate PepsiCo’s financial performance,
Complete a SWOT for PepsiCo,
Comment on PepsiCo’s competitive strategy,
Find updated information on PepsiCo’s situation and industry outlook,  
Make recommendations for improving the company’s competitive position in the energy drinks, sports drinks and alternative beverages industry and its financial and market performance. --------------

Reading: Thompson, Case 5, pp. C75-C87 in Glo-Bus Premium.   
Date due in the Assignments Folders: Monday, October 08, end-of-day.  
The following Q&A exchanges on preparing written case analysis may be of interest.  
Student Query: With this case study, I was unsure of how specific you wanted us to be. Is it safe to assume, that a case study for a specific company should be very detailed and tailored for just that business instead of making generic statements?  

ESG: Management theory and conceptual ideas buttress analytical approaches to problem solving. Case studies involve specific details and call for skillful applications of theory. I look for both sound analytical approaches and attention to details in case study write-ups. The written report should provide a focused diagnosis of strategic issues and...
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