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Pizza Hut Case Study: Repositioning Fast Food as Healthy
Description: This report on Pizza Hut forms part of a series of case studies, which explores business practices across a variety of disciplines and business sectors. It looks at how the company is looking to move its UK business away from the traditional fast food image and create a healthier experience for its customers. Key reasons to purchase this title

- Gain insight into the methods used by important industry players to give them a competitive edge - Identify specific areas for operational improvements
- Capitalize on the knowledge of experienced companies when entering a new niche or market Contents: CATALYST
Pizza has obtained a substantially unhealthy image in the UK 2 Despite the origins of pizza it has become wholly unhealthy in the eyes of some consumers 2 A healthy pizza is still a reality but is relatively unpopular with consumers in a restaurant setting 3 Many consumers accommodate pizza as an occasional indulgence 3 Pizza Hut has introduced a range of pasta options to its menu 4 The pasta menu was extended at UK Pizza Hut outlets in October 2008 4 Pasta can be incorporated in a range of healthy meals 5

Pasta has price advantages for consumers 5
Pizza Hut has strived to improve its restaurant experience 5 A large marketing push was undertaken in order to promote the pasta menu at Pizza Hut 6 Some stores are rebranded as Pasta Hut to publicize the new menu 6 An online poll was set up to determine the permanent name of the chain 7 APPENDIX

Case study series 8
Methodology 8
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List of Figures
Figure 1: Consumers are concerned about several components of their diet, many of which are present in abundance in a typical pizza served at a restaurant 2
Figure 2: Creating a healthy pizza involves some alterations during cooking that are more likely to be undertaken at home rather than in a restaurant 3...
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