Post Apocalyptic Authors- Are They Simply Pessimists Or Just Disguised As Pessimists But In Reality Spreading Idealism?

Topics: Nineteen Eighty-Four, Totalitarianism, George Orwell Pages: 4 (1331 words) Published: May 3, 2013
Shahdib Hasan
Teacher’s name: Ms Coronotopolous
Date: 25th March, 2013

Post Apocalyptic Authors- Are They Simply Pessimists Or Just Disguised As Pessimists But In Reality Spreading Idealism?

Commonly misunderstood, post apocalyptic authors are actually trying to convey warning messages to ensure the sovereignty of human ideals and to retain them in face of utter turmoil. Post apocalyptic authors create an imaginative dull society in a realistic scenario where individuals with moral values and ideals still exist and rise up against the oppressive government through following their own beliefs. In the post apocalyptic novel “1984”, the author George Orwell portrays a totalitarian society inspired by Franco’s totalitarian Spain; where an individual rose up against the propaganda presented by the government which is a prime example of idealism provided by a post-apocalyptic author. Even in the midst of all oppression, George Orwell still provides hope for humanity through little hidden examples in the novel which symbolize that humanity would always revolt against oppression- an ideal Orwell deeply holds in his heart. Another idealism that Orwell provides in his novel is that, even under a lot of pressure and torture humans tend to never let their feelings and emotions get altered. According to the points stated above, post-apocalyptic authors provide idealism in the midst of pessimism to make society believe and follow their ideals more often. The society in “1984” is a dystopian and totalitarian society where the government holds absolute power and control over the society. They invade the privacy of people, make loyal followers through propaganda. One huge use of the propaganda by the government is “WAR IS PEACE. FREEDOM IS SLAVERY. IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH.”(Orwell, 4) Using this slogan, the government is trying to manipulate people into believing that war is the solution towards peace, if people are free then they would be unhappy and not knowing...
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