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Module Guide for CB514 (Canterbury Autumn term)


(Canterbury Autumn term)


Module Convenor: Gavin Dick
Seminar Lecturers: Gavin Dick, Beatrice Shire and Anabela Soares

CB 514 Autumn Term 2012-2013
Version 1.1

This module is designed to provide an overview of Operations Management. The approach will be predominantly qualitative, but it will include some basic quantitative methods where relevant. Students under the module code CB514 study Operations Management in their second year and follow this with CB520 Service Management in their final year. The aims of the module are to help you to:

·Understand the nature of operations management and the activities of operations managers ·Appreciate the way in which the operations function contributes to the organisation's competitiveness or strategic direction ·Understand the main issues concerned with the design and control of manufacturing and service processes ·Develop your personal learning skills and group working skills.

Allied to these aims are several learning objectives that define what you should know or be able to do having completed the module. You will: ·Be familiar with the field of operations management and understand how operations can more effectively contribute to the organisation’s objectives. ·Know and apply a variety of techniques and analysis frameworks used by operations managers to help them make decisions in manufacturing and services. ·Understand decision making in the operations management function and its application to process, capacity, quality, and workforce management. ·Utilise appropriate concepts and models for the analysis and evaluation of operations management problems. ·Through case study and exercise work, be able to investigate problems, evaluate solutions and present recommendation.

The primary learning vehicles for the module are reading and seminar group work. These will be supported by lectures. The module is structured around one set text, which contains not only the teaching material, but also the case studies that will be used in the seminars and your exam. It will be assumed that you have access to this text for both personal reading and for the seminars. The text is Slack, N. et al (2010) Operations Management 6th edition, FT/Prentice Hall. Each week there will be two lecture sessions, and bi-weekly small group seminars. Lectures

The lectures (two a week) will present overviews of topics you have already read. Their primary purpose is to explain some of the key issues from the reading. Lecture topics are given in the Programme Schedule (see end of module guide). Pre-readings are identified in the Weekly Schedule of Lectures (see end of module guide), which you must do before the lectures each week. Lecture notes: With the exception of the first week’s lectures, lecture handouts will not be supplied. You are expected to print your own lecture handouts from the presentation slides that are available on the module’s Moodle site and bring them to the lecture.

Seminars are bi-weekly. You will be assigned to an odd or even number seminar group. Odd number seminar groups attend weeks 3, 5, 9, 11. Even seminar group numbers attend weeks 2, 4, 8, 10. If you do not see your seminar group on SDS please visit the KBS undergraduate office where they will assign you to a group. If for some good reason you need to change your seminar group, you can find the alternative seminars times and where seminars are held on Moodle. A large part of your exam marks relate to the case studies so it is vital that you attend all four of your seminars. Seminar group work will be based on analysis of case studies from the set text and discussion questions. These are identified in the...
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