Priotizing Patient Safety

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Prioritizing Patient Safety

Patient Safety – Start up:

“Patient safety” the new mantra is now revealing out its structure as a major component to be concentrated by the health care providers. Patient Safety that emphasizes the reporting, analysis, and prevention of medical error that often leads to adverse healthcare events. Lack of patient safety – the silent killer having its impact more than any other disease or traffic accidents and it is holding a record of leading position in maintaining highest mortality in the world. Lack of patient safety is not a non- curable, it is preventable. WHO realized this and initiated “World Alliance for Patient Safety”, was launched in October 2005 at WHO Headquarters, as an outcome of the 55th World Health Assembly resolution on patient safety. India followed the WHO and started WHO- Global Patient Safety Challenge” in India by launching the National Initiative on Patient Safety (NIPS) and it was launched by the Honourable Health Minister Shri. Ghulam Nabi Azad on September 14th, 2009. Even the Honourable Health Minister has expressed regarding the lack of data regarding patient safety in the Indian Scenario and also announced to place National Patient Safety Policy and expressed interest in including Patient Safety concepts in Medical education. Now the question is Whether the Patient safety is –a new initiative or a part of routine medical activity.

Histories are revealing that 100 B.C. Charuka, Sushruta like medical professionals in India as well as all over the world has followed strict policies in patient safety and they have prioritised patient safety is the key component of medical practice. In the long run we have only lost it, but it is not too late that we have now recognized that is the major component to be followed. Not only as a special initiative, it is the basic component that each patient expects when they are entering the hospital. It is also the responsibility of health care professionals to deliver that without any compromise in it.

Patient Safety – Initiative:

Patient safety, the safety of the patient has to start from the entry gate of the hospital and till their exit. It is also not a responsibility of an individual in a health care system; it is the part of the whole. As we have missed out patient safety in long run and we want to build it back, as it cant be back in one day and not as wholesome. We have to start it from smaller level and make it to bigger. Even the initiative of patient safety has to start in all the levels of hierarchy (i.e.) top level to lower level.

Common factors in Patient safety:
Infrastructure Safety:

Infrastructure plays major role in improving patient safety. Infrastructure should be constructed in a matter that it will ready to face hazards without making any human loss. Fulfilling a commitment to safe and high-quality care will not be possible without significant investment in patient safety infrastructure. Even improving the existing infrastructure by holistic integration of all systems within the building technology infrastructure – heating, ventilation, climate, cooling, energy generation, emergency power and energy distribution, access control, video surveillance, fire detection, alarming, evacuation and extinguishing. In addition, further building technology systems such as lifts and escalators, water technology systems, laboratory and medical technology systems as well as monitoring of information and communication systems can be integrated. It will help the health care providers in ensuring the quality as well as safety to the infrastructure as well as to the patients.

Information and technology safety:

In concern to health care, most of the time errors are due to poor communication of information or error in communication. From registration patient information has to be entered correctly. Even small factor has big impact in treatment procedures. For ex, instead of 54 years it is...
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