Topics: Family, The Age, Romania Pages: 2 (666 words) Published: February 21, 2013
Faye Cameron
Outline and evaluate the research on privation

Privation is a state in which things necessary for well-being, such as food and warmth are never given to someone. There is many cases of privation but the two I will cover are Genie and the Czech twins, a recent case of privation that has been discovered is the institutions in Romania and the neglect of children that lead to not only mental disabilities but severe physical ones too.

Genie is a classic case of severe privation, where by, from being a baby her father believed her to be retarded, so he kept her in total isolation, with no love, teaching or attention. She was found age 13 and had become something, less human and more animal, she could not speak, only making animal sounds and noises, her walking was irregular as no-one had taught her how to walk and she had been left on a potty chair, tied down for what appeared to be days at a time. Her movements were strange and robotic, as if it was only instinct that allowed her to walk at all. She could not form attachments and was very survivalist in her nature. After years of living in a children's hospital she was able to make sounds close to words, recognised her name, learnt basic sign language and even began to form attachments. However due to a law suit filed by her mother she was removed from the hospital before the researchers could discover if she could make a full recovery. The Czech twins however, were found much younger, they had been severely neglected by the step mother and as a result had no attachments and were below average intelligence. However, as they were found so young, they made full recoveries and went on to have above average intelligence and formed normal, happy relationships.

This research is inconclusive as we have two conflicting case studies, we cannot possibly know if Genie would have made a full recovery, or if she was in fact retarded at birth. The Czech twins research proves that if privation is combated...
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