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Topics: Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Caffeine Pages: 2 (423 words) Published: April 4, 2013
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the most closely held trade secrets ever and only a few employees know or have access to. ThisCoca-Cola formula appears to be the original formula to Coca-Cola. It is from the book ³For God, Country and Coca-Cola´.The company Coca-cola is a multinational and it is not limited to one product. Through the yearsthey have invented and introduced many products than their main cola drinks. The list of Coca-cola brands are as follows:

Appletiser AquariusBPM EnergyBarq'sBeat sodaBeverlyCanningsCheersCielCoca-Cola Black Cherry VanillaCoca-Cola Blak Coca-Cola C2Coca-Cola CherryCoca-Cola CitraCoca-Cola M5Coca-Cola ZeroCoca-ColaCoca-Cola withLemonCoca-Cola with LimeDasaniDelaware PunchDiet CokeFantaFanta CitrusFioravantiFrescaFriscoFruitopiaLemon & PaeroaLiftLift plusLiltManzana LiftMare RossoMello YelloMezzo MixMinute Maid Nestea New Coke Nordic MistOK SodaPibb XtraPoweradeQooRaspberry CokeRelentlessSarsiSenzaoSimply OrangeSmartSparkleSpriteSprite IceSprite RemixSprite ZeroSurgeSwerveTab

FrutonicFull ThrottleGeorgiaHi-CHitKia-OraKinleyTab Clear Tab EnergyTab X-TraTikyVault Pepsi ± Product
The Pepsi-Cola drink contains basic ingredients found in most other similar drinks includingcarbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, sugar, colorings, phosphoric acid, caffeine, citricacid and natural flavors. The caffeine free Pepsi-Cola contains the same ingredients but nocaffeine.Some of the different and varied brands of Pepsi are as follows:All SportAquafinaCaffeine-Free PepsiCrystal PepsiDiet PepsiGatoradeIzzeJazzJostaKasManzanita SolMirindaMountain DewMountain Dew AMPPepsiPepsi BluePepsi CappuccinoPepsi MaxPepsi ONEPepsi SambaPepsi Tarik Pepsi TwistPropel Fitness Water Sierra MistSliceSoBeStormTeem

Mountain Dew LiveWireMountain Dew MDXMug Root Beer Tropicana ProductsTropicana Twister Coke v/s Pepsi-Product
As seen above both the companies Coke and Pepsi have a number of products. Many of these products are innovations but there are also...
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