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Project proposal

Project Title:

| | |Critical success factors in Global business of B.M.W. |

Abstract/ Summary:

| | |In 21st century globalization in the main significant factor driving the entire world reaching new heights. It is most common | |and can also be found in integrated global market in the form of information and flow of credit, widening of international | |trade. Due to the effect of globalization people are aware of strategy of other country, their markets and trends. The other | |factors like distribution network, brand building, product development is also playing their important role in the success of | |global business where product development is responsible to earn profit and brand building acts as strength of automobile | |industry. | | | |As automotive industry is one of the largest industry in the world and it is really a competitive market now. The auto mobile | |production was initially well-known in US but soon Europe, later Asia, especially, Japan. | | | |The project aims to identify critical success factors by analyzing the key challenges and implications in the global | |competitive environment. This project will attempt to find out the critical success factors of B.M.W in highly competitive | |global arena. The project will discuss various critical success factors by analysing the key challenges and implications in | |Global business for BMW (Bavarian Motor Works). The BMW group is very popular, well known manufacturer of German automobile, | |motorcycle and engine manufacturing founded in 1916. It is popular for its performance and luxury vehicles. | | | |This report will also analyse the role of distribution network, brand management, product development in the success of global| |business in regarding with case study of BMW. |


| | |The aim of this project is to identify critical success factors by analyzing the key challenges and implications in the global| |competitive environment by taking the case study of BMW. |


| | |To find out how success is affected by different factors like globalization, product development, distribution network. | |To identify the role of product development in the success of a global business. | |To find out the role of brand management as critical success factor in a global business. | |To find out the role of portfolio management in global business. | |To identify the methods by which the challenges/issues of success can be minimized. | |To provide...

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