Redesign Universal Worker

Topics: Management, Patient, Case study Pages: 1 (253 words) Published: June 12, 2012
Quality Care by Merging the Competition: Redesigned
In Case Study I, Lincoln Helpful Clinic and Select Care Clinic merged to provide better quality care to patients. Six months after merging the new administration initiated a major reduction in force. Since, the reduction the new administration recommended to redesign the patient care delivery. The first job redesign recommendation comprise of the universal worker, which failed in other organizations before when implementing. Although, the universal worker delivers many support services, administration would like to consider other options as well. Therefore, in order to redesign a process need initiating, structuring, plan and control, and job satisfaction. The job redesign process consists of the universal worker and other options. The universal worker

According to Liebler and McConnell (2008), with the Herzberg theory motivating employees is entirely different from decreasing job dissatisfaction. The universal worker model is based on the idea that people will respond differently to the same job and that it is possible to alter a job’s character to increase satisfaction and performance. The universal worker model seeks to structure work so that it can be performed effectively and is personally rewarding and satisfying. Many professionals have discovered the traditional approach to job design can adversely affect their organization’s productivity as well as the motivation and job satisfaction of employees. To ensure job satisfaction matching people with their jobs will reduce the need to urge them to perform well. Instead, workers will try to do well because it is rewarding and satisfying to do so.
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