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Topics: Management, Scientific method, Case study Pages: 3 (1151 words) Published: June 15, 2013

After finishing the presentation and case studies, looking back on the effort we made as a team , I can clearly see that we had a lot of strengths and weaknesses as a team. I am very pleased with the lessons I have learnt. In this assignment i will talk about my reflection upon the presentation that we made as a group and how i managed to work with team members to create a presentation and also what i have learnt from this. We were asked to make a presentation on any topic related to human resources management. My group consisted of four members namely Chen Zhzngxin , Tian Maokun , Jiang Xinlai and me. Except for me all my group members were from Singapore. In the very beginning of the group work I went through a problem because it seemed everyone had a buddy system going on and I felt left out because i originally was none of their friends but then gradually as days passed we became good friends. We all developed a sense of understanding among ourselves like making slides for our presentation. I took the task of developing my own slides. On the first day of our meeting we introduced ourselves. As i stayed with them i realized that there was a language barrier. I couldn't really understand what they were trying to tell me cause they had a typical asian accent which was difficult to understand in the start but then as time passed we understood each other. We started working on our first case study. We started looking up for answers and theories and we helped each other out by discussing the case study the structure and lay out of it. Then we gave our own opinions for the answers. It was really good an helpful as it made our work much easier. There were some adjustment problems here and there because the group behaved n a different manner and it led to some disagreements but then we came up with a common conclusion. Our first problem was the...
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