Relationship Marketing

Topics:, Electronic commerce, Affiliate marketing Pages: 1 (367 words) Published: April 17, 2013
A Case Study on Relationship Marketing in Amazon.Com is considered to be leader in e-commerce. It started as a online bookstore and now has ventured into many areas like grocery, CDs and DVDs, electronics, and apparels. It has made strategic acquisitions to gain dominance in technology and research. Being a customer centric company, it introduced many innovative ways like One-click technology, reviews, and personalization technique to attract and retain customers. It has attained and attracted new customer bases through relationships and viral marketing. It is always thinking of new strategies to retain customers and stay ahead of its competition. With this case study, the students will be able to understand how big an e-commerce business like Amazon does relationship marketing. They will be able to identify the different approaches used by in relationship marketing. They will also be able to identify the different ways to do viral marketing. The students will be able to understand how different E-CRM tools like personalization, web-chat, order tracking and e-mail and automated response are being used by Amazon. They can do a mock presentation as Amazon’s marketing team to think of various other ways to be ahead of its competitors. Students can discuss whether Amazon should venture into Blogs, Wikis or use target marketing to stay ahead of its customers. The faculty will be able to give a practical demonstration of how relationship marketing and viral marketing works in a real e-commerce scenario through the case study of Amazon. The case study demonstrates how used the affiliate program, utilized e-mails and other communication networks, took advantage of its partners and other small businesses, and gave discounted products and efficient services to attract customers. The faculty would then demonstrate the different marketing and partnership strategies deployed by This case study analyses how big e-commerce...
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