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CASE 8.2

The case is about the magazine outlook and the management wants to find out the reasons behind the stiff competition from the rival INDIA TODAY despite of the changes in the publication’s frequency.

Q1. What were the research objectives and information needs of the study? Ans: RESEARCH OBJECTIVES:
1. To find out what are the reasons for the popularity of India Today which is the rival of Outlook? 2. What are the factors that will influence the customer in buying the magazines? INFORMATION NEEDS:

1. Details of Customers both offline customers and online customers, Retailers, Whole sellers. 2. Sources of acquiring magazines.
3. Factors that are influencing customers and rating of the customers for that factors 4. Satisfaction of the customers and recommendations for changes.

Q2. How would you evaluate this in terms of fulfilling those objectives? Ans: The questionnaire fulfills the objective of the case study and will be able to get appropriate data from the customers, since it is a primary data its authenticity and relevance is reasonably high. The questionnaire will be able to find out the preferences of the customers and its effectiveness in the market. But there are few problems i.e. the research objective is not specified properly in the questionnaire and there are some problems in questionnaire and also questions are not in the logical order. Q3. What are the problems in the questionnaire? How would you suggest correcting them? Ans: The problems in the questionnaire are

In the 2nd question they have mentioned only four magazines and they haven’t given Other’s option. In the questionnaire 3rd question is a double-barrelled question because that question includes two separate options included by ‘or’. 5th question is a assumption question.

8th question is meaningless, no need of inclusion of that question and moreover it doesn’t have any impact. There are more open-ended questions....
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