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The report was good but some of the members of the group didn’t explained to us very well and others has a cute voice that’s why I can’t understand what they are trying to tell us. The topic that they tackle to us was a new knowledge to me about the strategic information system that I can apply it to the future. It really give me a technique or strategy if I have a business and some example they give to us was good and maybe we can do that soon. Good job to the group and overall was good.


Strategic information systems planning (SISP) is one of the important management issue. The use of Information Technology associated with proper planning would increase business success within the organization. SISP is considered to be the best mechanism that would support the organization to assure that IT activities are attuned with those of the rest of the organizational needs. The paper will focus on such factors that will assist the organizations to success in the strategic information systems planning. Many organizations had applied SISP methodologies to their plans but failed to achieve the maximum benefits of it. The paper has addressed some reasons of failure and critical success factors along with the selection of best practice model for the Strategic Information Systems Planning. Keywords: SISP, Planning, CSF, Processes, Organization.

1. Introduction
Since the 1980s, Strategic Information Systems Planning (SISP) has been recognized for its contribution to organizations and has become a very challenging subject for scientists and practitioners in the recent years. SISP is necessary to help organizations succeed in today’s highly competitive global marketplace. Numerous studies have been performed on the strategic information systems planning (SISP) to assist in making the implementation and effectiveness easier and more profitable. Measuring the effectiveness of planning system success is a theoretical challenge across many fields of organizational research. Many studies have been conducted to guide success to organizations using SISP, but the challenge even after two decades still is present. Early SISP researchers employed single dimension measures of SISP success. More recently multidimensional, multi-item measures of SISP success have been proposed [1].The way SISP approach is used, the SISP objectives of organizations and key dimensions of the SISP context relate together with SISP success. Critical success factors need to be applied efficiently to reach best results. Achieving the objectives of SISP process will guide the organization to accomplish competitiveness. A successful organization should have a well organized strategic plan (business strategy) that would drive the strategic information systems planning. Planning information systems strategically aligned with the business planning would help the organization reach the competitive advantage it’s aiming for. The paper will cover strategic information system and will focus on critical success factors of Strategic Information System Planning implementation. Later on the paper will propose the best practice model in Strategic Information System Planning.

2. A Brief Overview
Improving performance has always been top management's concern. This would be best achieved by aligning of information technology (IT) to a firm’s strategic planning. The organization aims to achieve the maximum benefit from its resources and reduce the risk as much as possible. It works best to use all of its resources efficiently, effectively, and competitively “The whole process which takes in strategic business planning to create a company’s vision and goals and strategic use of IS/IT to help realizing these goals, can be...

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