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Reverse monitoring refers to an initiative in which older employees are paired with or mentor by younger employees, who are well aware on topics like Technology, Social media and current trends. In tech-industry or other businesses which heavily rely on technology and familiarity with the new trends, reverse monitoring has been seen as a source to bring older employees to speed them and improve their skills, so after these skills with their experience they can also match the employees 20 or something around, who’s lives have been deeply indulge with the computer and technology. The Idea that senior executive stand against a new employee to learn a thing goes against traditional workforce practices, where most executive often provide the mentorship to the new employees. However, the fast-moving development in technology and trends has reversed this idea in some offices, where older worker may have experience but they lack skills and ability to match with the Global era. This case study is based on the real case of General Electric, where senior executive faced difficulties in dealing with Internet. They feel uncomfortable with the highly specified applications of Internet. So, as to provide the solution for the problem CEO Jack Welch proposed the older employees to get a mentor. Like many company GE has used mentor system before but this time the situation was different, before it was the senior employee training the new employees but this time it was vice versa the newly appointed employee would mentor the senior executive of the company, where they will have daily homework and will discussed articles and web site portals.

ii. Answer to the Questions of the Case Study:

a) What potential pitfalls might this type of program encounter?

These types of program may encounter many issues like this idea that senior executive could stand to learn a thing from new employees goes against the traditional...
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