Riding the Emotional Roller Coaster

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CASE No.4, Riding The Emotional Rollercoaster

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Due date: 15 April 2012 Date of submission: 15 April 2012

(a) Why is this emotions management important in the job of nurses and other medical staff? In what way do medical staff alter the emotions of their patients? (Up to 300 words, 1 ½ line spacing, 11-point, TNR, A4)

Emotions management is important in the job of nurses and other medical staff because the staffs can manage their feelings and emotions so that they can work effectively. When they do the great work, this can gives good effect to the patients. The medical staffs can alter the emotions of their patients by trying to fulfill the patients’ wants when they needed. For example, one of the patients wanted to return to her/his native Mexico but with an advanced stage of cancer, such a journey was impossible. Instead, the nurse brought “Mexico” to the hospital by transforming the patient’s ward into a fiesta-type setting and inviting the patient’s family and friends to please the patient. (116 words)

(b) Stress is mentioned throughout this case study. Explain three ways these people can try to minimize high levels of stress. (Up to 300 words, 1 ½ line spacing, 11-point, TNR, A4)

One of the way that can be done to minimize high level of stress is by having flexible and limited work time. This is an important way to improve the work-life balance hence reducing the stress level of the employees. For example,by giving them the reasonable work time limits. Besides, we can also do the job sharing which splits the career position between two people so that the employees experience less time-based stress between work and family. This way can reduce the work load and...
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