Role of Youth in Politics

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The law of nature urges survival of the fittest . May be. May be so .but the same thing relates to the cadets over here. Those who dive into NDA are considered to be the fittest, while the rest remains unsound. Yes, they are unsound but to be more precise they may even be the unsung heroes. Life of a Sainik school cadet does not end with NDA itself. It’s just the first opportunity , He has when he opens the door of opportunities. Yes it may be tough for him to relive the way he earlier had been Admist those who taste success and hit the bull eye in the first shot. Without facing any struggle. But hey , it doesn’t mean he is an underscorer, weaker or has lass potential. He can still make it large or even larger.NDA is just one of the other good options which we have when we clear our 12th .The options, the opportunities are just limitless. What you need is a tint of good anticipation and selection of the best road. Moreover there are examples even from our school itself who defied the critics and defined there worth to everyone .there are sujanians in NIT’s, some of them are officers in police , some famous doctors and some have even soared the abroad. But on the other hand if it is a case of diehard desire to join the armed forces, then one has a dozen of options like CDS, SSC ,AEC, JAG etc. trough which one can fulfill his desire. finally, wearing tags of NDA is great but not the end of the world. As in cricket there is a toss before every game. Don’t fear of losing a toss named NDA in the game of life because the tosses do not decide the game. The best part of the game is yet to start
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