Sambian Partners : Why Are We Losing All Our Good People

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Why Are We Losing All Our Good People

Sambian Partners founded by Peter Gasbarian in1975. Gasbarian idea was to build top notch architecture and engineering firm. Helen Gasbarian took charge of Sambian Partners as CEO in1997. The case begins with the resignation of Tom Forsythe, an assistant director. Mary Donillo, the head of human resources was opposed to Tom's decision. According to Adrienne Perle, one of the engineers at Sambian Partners people was quite unhappy. When this came into light, Mary Donillo asked her opinion regarding the current situation at the firm and from here she came to know the dissatisfaction among the employees with the current working conditions, mainly from the higher-ups in the organization. The CEO Helen Gasbarian makes decision of promoting Adrianne to a supervisor position. At this, anger rose among other employees who are more qualified but were not promoted.  The junior employees were in an opinion that they could make their mark by leaving the company and work on interesting jobs. Mary decides to carry out an employee survey. She designed open ended questions to get an accurate snapshot of the current scenario the company is facing. But the questions prove to be quite mixed. Employees were giving feedback by leaving. Clearly, they feel that more direct forms of feedback will go unheeded. Helen needs to find the root cause of why employees don't trust the company or don't care enough about the company to improve it. Purpose:-

* To find the reason for the talent drain.

Proposed recommendation:-
* To provide a forum where employees can speak openly about their discontent without fear of repercussions.(Grievance Management)[2]

We have used business school approach, literature case study method, to study the case and give the recommendation. Findings on evidence:-Evidence: -“Why are we losing all our good people”, Edward E. Lawler III Harvard Business Rev. June 2008 Nov....
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