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State Bank of India is a wide spread organization having its reach across many cities in the country with a huge customer base. The working of SBI has always been to modernize and re structure the organization from time to time. The case given here is about one of its campaign named „SMS Unhappy‟ where there lies a problem in scaling the project from local to nation-wide.

Mr Shiv Kumar has seen a huge success in rolling out this campaign in Andhra Pradesh. The campaign tries to address and respond to customer issues within 24 hours, thus enhancing the customer satisfaction and thereby increasing the market share of the organization.

The nation-wide implementation of “SMS Unhappy” is the point of discussion in the current case study and the various perspectives/problems involved and the respective solutions are given below.

1. Nation-wide Rollout
 The cost factor Vs. Expansion Plans
 Time Span in solving the problem
 Identification of the central nodes
 Priority Customers
 Customer satisfaction or New customer
 Advertising the Campaign
2. Operational Challenges
 Appointing experienced employees for the Happy Rooms
 Customer handling on a larger scale

Note: All solutions discussed here are considering the present market scenario. 


There are two cost factors we are discussing here for the rollout of the nation-wide SMS Unhappy rollout plan. First is the fixed cost of installing central nodes in the regional cities and the other is the recurring cost of employee salary and call rates. In case of dealing with the fixed one time investment problem, we suggest that the program is launched in a phased manner across the country.

In case of dealing with call rates, the survey of market share by telecom operators in the Exhibit gives us information on the reach of individual telecom operator. Since SBI is a...
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