Science Investigatory Project

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Angelo Gabriel M. Moreno

10- SMC

A. Name: SJE ( Saint Julian Eymard )

Feast day: August 1, 1868 ( Eymard died on)

: August 2 , 1868 ( His feast day is celebrated in the Roman Catholic Church on ) Details:

Eymard was born 4 February 1811 at La Mure, Isère in the Frafrench Alps. All his life Peter Julian had an intense devotion to Mary, the Mother of God. Before his first communion on 16 March 1823, he went on foot to the shrine of Notre-Dame du Laus. Later, he came to know about the apparition of Notre-Dame de La Salette and enjoyed traveling to various Marian shrines throughout France. In 1839, he joined the Marist Fathers, where he worked as a well-respected spiritual advisor with seminarians and priests. He worked with the Third Order of Mary and other lay organizations promoting devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary and to the Eucharist, particularly in the Forty Hours. He rose to the position of Provincial of the Society at Lyon in 1845.

His first attempt as a seminarian with the Oblates of Mary Immaculate, ended because of serious illness. Nevertheless, on 20 July 1834, he was ordained a priest for the Diocese of Grenoble. He was assigned assistant pastor at the town of Chatte, and three years later, appointed pastor of Monteynard.

B. What is the connection of his life to my life?

Saint Julian Eymard overcame a number of difficulties to reached his goals including poverty in his family. One of connection of his life to my life is, I also experience to have difficulties to reach my goals. Like what I’ am right now, I’ am 4th year high school still in Marist School. It is a great achievement for me to reach this stage of my life with all the difficulties in my own self, my own...
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