Sia Case Study

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Teena Jain
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Management Principles Case study

SIA Inc is a well organized organization which follows policies and procedures of the company, headquarters located in Midwest. It has bureaucratic organization structure and globalized. It has more than 30 separate business units. The case discuss about the knowledge transfer implementation and its consequences. Relating to the case study factors the following are the common problems and their respective solutions * Fear of losing job

* Communication Problem between employees
* Team work between inter department level.
* Trust among employees
* Loosing of Empowerment
* Scared of competition, i.e. lack of knowledge on the subject. * Resistance to change.
Solution could be
* Leading by example
* Communicate shared vision
* Carrot and stick reward system
* Loosing of HR policies and procedure
* Giving safety or insurability for the job.
* Giving training to employees in such a way that, yes knowledge transfer should be there and it’s good for them and others also. * Create belongings among employees

1. Social factors influencing the decision of SIA Inc are
* Social factors influence from individual aspirations.
* Level of education and their relative background
* Communication skills
* Inferiority in the society
* Few forces like globalizing, international affairs, urbanization. * Lacking the feeling of autonom.
Political factors
* Change in political factors: Organization norms are partially defined according to the terms of government rules and regulation. If there is change in government rules and regulations it would lead to change in organization structure. And that would lead to the change in strategies and impact the decision of the organization. Economical factors

* Economical factors like change in demand and supply, inflation, deflation, life cycle of the industry, company or even technology impact the...
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