Smithers: Implementation and Sigma Program

Topics: Implementation, Business terms, Subsidiary Pages: 4 (1562 words) Published: March 12, 2013
This case talks about John Smithers and his experience with the new Six Sigma Program at Sigtek. The program was implemented by the parent company of Sigtek and Smithers and a colleague, Sam Murphy, were both selected to learn about this program from Telwork (the parent company) and then run the program to teach about change to the employees at Sigtek. Problems:

The main problem that is seen in this case study is the fact that the Six Sigma program that was implemented to bring change was not working. To Smithers it felt as if corporate didn’t really care about the company or this program. There was not enough support given to the program or the need for change so that Six Sigma could actually be a positive force of change in the work place. Every time there was an issue and Smithers thought he addressed it; it ends up not being the case and taking longer than he expected. Another problem that stems from main problem is the fact that Smithers’ credibility is damaged. During meetings he is doing the best that he can to understand situations and come up with solutions. When these solutions don’t happen, in the eyes of workers that come to these meetings, Smithers loses his credibility. It is not Smithers’ fault that these solutions are not implemented as quickly as possible. It goes back to the main problem and how the company really didn’t care and thus it took a lot more effort to get these changes implemented. Another problem that Smithers faced was that his own moral for the program was lost. For a long while he felt very good about this program and the changes that he could help to implement with it but after all these negative occurrences Smithers started to feel very differently about the program. He started to think that the program was very cookie cutter and was way too much to handle. Near the end of the case Smithers thought his chances of survival in the company were slim and began to think if he could have done...
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