Space Management Project

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UK Higher Education Space Management Project

Case studies

September 2006 2006/41

Space Management Project: case studies

Page Executive summary Introduction 1. 2. 3. Queen Margaret University College – The Relocate Project University of Newcastle upon Tyne – Versatile research buildings Sheffield Hallam University – Promoting effective utilisation The Devonshire Building space management policy 3 5 7 17 27 34

Annex 1:

Space Management Project: case studies

2006/41 1

Executive summary
This report brings together three case studies which explore different aspects of space management in individual institutions. It was prepared for the UK Space Management Project by independent consultants Kilner Planning, with assistance from senior estates professionals from the featured institutions, below. The case studies focus on issues which were highlighted as being of particular interest to many institutions during the survey of space management practice in Phase One of the Space Management Project and in feedback from Space Management Group seminars. They are: • • • Queen Margaret University College – The Relocate Project University of Newcastle upon Tyne – Versatile research buildings Sheffield Hallam University – Promoting effective utilisation.

The new campus is now under construction and it will have over 30 per cent less net internal non-residential floorspace than the existing estate, now spread over three separate sites. The reduction in space is based on the results of a detailed space modelling exercise which generated a predicted profile of future space needs. Projected increases in utilisation are a key driver behind the planned efficiencies in the provision of teaching space. This case study is likely to be of particular interest to higher education institutions (HEIs) that are considering: • • • rationalising all or part of their estates and replacing outdated space with new facilities planning future space needs and how to achieve efficiencies in space use ways of building versatility into their space to allow for future change.

The participating institutions have wide differences in mission and size. The aim of the case studies is to provide an insight into how each of the three institutions has approached particular space management issues, including the tools and processes employed and what the impact has been of the measures which they have employed.

University of Newcastle upon Tyne
The case study at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne is based on the university’s recent experience of planning and managing two new research buildings: the Paul O’Gorman Building, which provides accommodation for the Northern Institute for Cancer Research; and the Devonshire Building, which houses the Institute for Research on Environment and Sustainability (IRES), the Informatics Research Institute and the E-Science Research Centre. Both buildings provide office and laboratory space. The study may be of interest to HEIs thinking about: • creating more multi-disciplinary or generic research space which can be used by several different groups at the same time or by successive groups how people working in the buildings perceive the impact of their new environment on job satisfaction and research activity how to evaluate the effect of new working environments on research output.

Queen Margaret University College
Queen Margaret University College (QMUC) is building a new campus at Craighall, on the outskirts of Edinburgh, to replace its existing sites. It is the first new university campus to be built in Scotland for over 30 years. The current estate is in poor condition, inflexible and not fit for purpose. The new campus aims to have attractive, efficient and versatile space, which is both environmentally and financially sustainable. This is a case study of work in progress. It focuses on the decision-making process leading to relocation and rationalisation. It looks at how the college...
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