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Topics: Proposal, Proposals, Speech Pages: 2 (363 words) Published: June 3, 2013
6. Speaking: This section tests your ability to communicate your ideas through an oral presentation. (25 points) Case Study Unit 3: Valentino’s Chocolates
In pairs students will prepare a short presentation of their investment plan for the company. They will try to convince their classmates to choose their proposal over those of other groups. The presentation must last a minimum of 4 minutes and a maximum of 8 and include visual aids. After having finished each presentation students will have the opportunity to ask questions to the presenters about the liability, coherence, or clarity of their proposal. Every student will evaluate the proposals and give a final score to each group. The proposal with the highest scores will be considered the chosen by the board. Evaluation Criteria:

Criteria| Descriptor| Score (1 to 5) & Comments|
5| Vocabulary| * There is a use of the vocabulary pertinent to a business presentation about an investment plan. * The student knows meanings and synonyms of expressions and words to talk about companies. There is variety in his speech| | | 5| Pronunciation| * The student pronounces correctly the key vocabulary related to a business presentation and to what was studied in Units 1 to 3 especially that related to Companies. * Student pronounces basic vocabulary (verbs, connectors, prepositions, pronouns, adjectives) correctly.| | | 5| Grammar| * The student uses the appropriate tenses to state his ideas. * The student makes correct use of modals of obligation or advisability.| | | 5| Listening and Interaction| * The student answers coherently to questions and employs English language only to complete the task. * Classmates and teacher understand the presentation and there are no (or few) errors in the interpretation.| | | 5| Task Completion| * The student demonstrates complete knowledge about the company and the context. * The student is able to present background information...
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