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Survey Of Inspection Techniques and its Comparative Analysis

1. Abstract
Inspection in software engineering refers to peer review of any work product by trained individuals who look for defects using a well defined process. Inspection is a static technique in that the code or document is not executed. The purpose of this survey is to study two research goals (1) To have comparative analysis of inspection reading techniques and (2)To attain impact of different methodology on inspection. Comparative analysis is done to gain the results for most appropriate technique of inspection.

Keywords— Inspection, inspection reading techniques, UML, MDA,

2. Introduction

While Software has become one of the most valuable products of the past decades, its growing complexity and size is responsible for making it one of the most challenging one to build and maintain. Inspection in software engineering, refers to peer review of any work product by trained individuals who look for defects using a well defined process. The goal of the inspection is for all of the inspectors to reach consensus on a work product and approve it for use in the project. In an inspection, a work product is selected for review and a team is gathered for an inspection meeting to review the work product. A moderator is chosen to moderate the meeting. Each inspector prepares for the meeting by reading the work product and noting each defect. The goal of the inspection is to identify defects.

Performing an inspection immediately after completion of a work product, or a part, and analyzing the resultant data of the detected defects will provide an early quality indicator to the management and technical team.

Inspection process has six major process phases: Planning, Overview, Defect Detection, Defect Collection, Defect Correction, and Follow-up. Inspection reading techniques consist of Ad-hoc reading and checklist-based reading, perspective based reading, scenario based reading are probably the most popular reading techniques. This survey paper presents a comparative analysis of inspection reading techniques and impact of different methodologies on inspection. Section 2 describes related work followed by section 3, which discusses comparative analysis of software inspection techniques.

This research goals of this study were

To have comparative analysis of inspection reading techniques. To attain impact of different methodology in inspection.

3. Literature Survey

3.1 Reading techniques

A reading technique is a step by step procedure implemented by an inspector or inspection team to detect defect within a software system. Perspective Based Reading(PBR) is a systematic technique that supports the defect detection in a software artifact. [1] demonstrate the approach by aggregating available experiments to investigate whether Perspective-Based reading (PBR) progress team effectiveness compared to alternative reading approaches then they compare the results of their aggregation to previous reviews deal with PBR's team effectiveness. Even though the findings are similar, their approach is able to provide the required quantitative information purposely. [1] aggregation showed that the Inspection teams using PBR on requirements documents are more effective when compared to ad-hoc approaches.

Checklists Based Reading(CBR) offer stronger, boilerplate support in the form of questions that inspectors must answer while reading a document. [2] Describes a study that performing a CBR inspection positively affects a developer’s ability to modify the code. With the help of CBR inspection, participants ranked their system understanding and the ability to modify the code. Results showed a significant difference in how the developer systematically modifies the code after completing a CBR inspection when compared to those who had not performed a checklist approach. [3] Describes an experiment to validate the effectiveness of perspective based...

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