Stakeholder Analysis and Monsanto

Topics: Stakeholder analysis, Case study, Reputation Pages: 2 (624 words) Published: September 10, 2013
Monsanto Attempts to Balance Stakeholder Interests

Monsanto has several different stakeholders for the company. The primary stakeholders include: their employees, farmers, and all the different countries they are expanding to that support their business including but not limited to: The United States, India, Indonesia and Africa. The secondary stakeholders for Monsanto include: the media who target them, the scientists who do research against them, organic farmers, and groups such as American Farmers for the Advancement and Conservation of Technology. Monsanto has the task of trying to balance the interests of each of these stakeholders. The interests of the people who support them are just as important for their business as the interests of the people who disagree with their company. In my opinion, the ethics and values stated in the Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Committee Charter are very different than the information I read in the case study. According to the Charter online, Monsanto is pledging to “review and monitor the performance of the Company as it affects matters relating to sustainability, the environment, communities, customers and other key stakeholders.  Hold periodic meetings with stakeholders to understand external perspectives.” According to the case study, Monsanto is often seen by some of its stakeholders as “Gestapo” or “mafia” because of the way the investigators of the company threatened a farmer with a lawsuit after accusing him of harvesting seeds from previous seasons (pg. 309). That seems to me that Monsanto does not effectively take the time to “understand external perspectives,” being that they are too caught up monitoring their product. That being said, I believe it is important to monitor the products in every company. This is where Monsanto has to be careful and really focus on their priorities. Although the company is geared and moves forward because of the product, the company also moves forward because of the...
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