State Automobile License Renewals Case Study

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MSC 516 Operations Management
Fall 2012 – Problem Set 5
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Instructions: This Problem Set is open-book and open-notes. All work must be done entirely by yourself. You may not receive help from any other person nor may you give help to any other person. This Problem Set has been posted on Blackboard on November 5th and will be due on November 11th. Leave each of the questions just as they are when you are submitting your answers to the questions. Enter your answers immediately below each question using Times New Roman, regular, 12 point font using black characters only. Do ALL of your work on this document. Even if your answer is correct, it will receive no credit if it is not supported by relevant work. Please send your completed problem set to me at [email protected] as an attachment to an e-mail. The subject line for the e-mail should be

“MSC516-Problem Set 5 - ”

Please do not deviate in any way from this subject line format.

Each of the five questions in this assignment is worth 20 points for a maximum of 100 points. If you are more than 1 day late in submitting the completed Problem Set, you will be assessed a point penalty. The answers will be posted 3 days after the Problem Set is due. No credit will be given for a problem set that is submitted after the answers are posted.

Lesson 9 – A Read the case study “State Automobile License Renewals” on p. 376 in your text. Then answer the four discussion questions at the end of the case study.
1. What is the maximum number of applications per hour that can be handled by the present configuration of the process? Assume that no queues are allowed.

2. How many applications can be processed per hour if a second clerk is added to check for violations?

3. If the second clerk could be added anywhere you choose, and not necessarily to check for violations, what is the maximum number of applications the process can handle? What...
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