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Diagnosing the causes of poor performance
In Case Study One, Heather is an employee who works in the training department. In the information technology company, Heather is a training person in charge of the training department. Heather can design very excellent training courses, such as the network, communication skills, new manager training etc. Although he is good at designing a training class, he is not given good ratings by other employees. Heather couldn’t answer the specific questions that were proposed by the training students. So, when students ask him about some specific questions, he can’t answer the questions very correctly. Because of this, the students don’t like Heather’s work. So, Heather is poor in his performance. Heather’s poor performance is due to Heather’s deficiency in declarative knowledge. As a training class’ teacher, Heather should have very professional knowledge about the training classes. In addition, Heather should also have very excellent verbal skills and express the contents of the training classes very clearly. In addition, in the training department, Heather is not only in charge of the designing the classes but also in charge of some other issues, such as giving classes to new managers and delivering some interpersonal skills. So, his work in this department is very complex. Generally speaking, different people have different skills. Heather is good at designing training classes but he is not good at giving classes. As a training teacher in the organization, Heather should have a deep and clear understanding about his classes. But he doesn’t have too deep understanding about the classes and he is not very professional in these classes. So, when he gives the students classes, he gets low ratings. He has very poor performance in the position. By analyzing the case study about Heather’s work, it shows the reason for worker’s poor performance. In the training department, there should be a...

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