Supply Chain Negotiation

Topics: Costs, Negotiation, Case study Pages: 8 (1720 words) Published: September 15, 2012
Assignment Sheet for Case Study:
Negotiation - Porto

This case is written by the authors of your textbook, Purchasing and Supply Chain Management, but may have been edited for our use in this course.

This is a TEAM assignment. Read and discuss this mini-case and answer the 5 questions at the end of the case. In this manner, you will develop a negotiation plan for the buyer. The very best way to approach this team case is to work on all aspects (each question) of this case together. If you simply divide up the questions and assemble individual answers, you will not have the best learning experience.

Only ONE member should post the case analysis for the team. Your analysis must be posted to SAFE ASSIGNMENT™ on our Blackboard™ site by the date and time stated in the Assignments section of Blackboard™. When a grade is posted, this member must share the posted feedback with all teammates…..only the person who posted the team analysis can view the feedback comments on Blackboard™.

The case information for the buyer begins on the page 3 of this assignment sheet. Answer the 5 questions at the end of the case (they are listed on the last page, after Exhibit 3B). Do NOT copy this assignment sheet as part of your analysis… you can imagine, that results in a high plagiarism percentage in Safe Assignment.

It is easier for me to grade assignments if they are in a standard format. Please format your Word™ document in this manner (this is normally your default mode for new documents): • Times New Roman 12-point font

• Single spaced lines
• ‘Print Layout’ view at 100%
• Page margins of 1 inch top/bottom and 1.25 inches left/right • Demarcate each question and your response into a distinct section • On the first page, place the name of each team member • If the assignment includes spreadsheet analysis, please use Excel™ and “paste special” into your document. • Save your work as a Word™ file before you submit it to Safe Assignment

As you know, the design of this course allows you the opportunity to integrate your supply chain knowledge. When you write about knowledge gained from our textbooks, our class discussions, guest lecturers, SCM 355, other courses, additional reading, or practical experiences…….bold face your source or citation. This will make it much easier to determine an appropriate grade for your efforts. An example of this formatting style is posted in the Assignments section of our Blackboard™ site.

I have a solution set for each question regarding this case. Although I do not expect your analysis to 100% match the solution set, I will use my answers as a measuring stick to evaluate your analysis. For example, a “reasonable” response to a particular question might contain 50% of my solution set; a “thorough” response might contain 80%; an “insightful” response might contain unique ideas and suggestions in addition to thoroughness.

Remember that this is an examination…….you MUST demonstrate that you have read and understand the textbook material.

Specific citations and references are of course much better than general mentions. Don’t quote the textbook unless it adds value to your discussion…..I already know what the book says. Use your knowledge of the textbook material and apply it to support your case analysis in a meaningful way. Follow the Harvard case study method: conclusion, reasons, evidence.

A demonstration of poor writing skills is penalized 15%. Case study assignments are accepted up to 4 days late. A 15% penalty is assessed for each period of 24 hours past the due date.

The following grading criteria are used for your case study analysis:


The Negotiations mini-case begins on the next page. The purpose of this assignment is to help you understand the importance of planning for the negotiation process. As soon as you complete this assignment, we will launch into aspects of negotiating that very much depend upon effective...
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