Supportive Relationships

Topics: Abuse, Case study, Bullying Pages: 5 (2065 words) Published: May 20, 2012
Supportive Relationships
Task 1 – (P6, M3)
In this part of the assignment I will be discussing the extent to which supportive relationships with adults can reduce the risk of abuse and neglect, making references to the case studies of Carla, Denzil and Rafeyia, detailing how such relationships would reduce the risk of abuse for them in particular. A supportive relationship involves the, care and support from those around you such as friends, family and care workers. Supportive relationships affect our health and well-being in a very positive way, having the support from people around us gives us confidence and makes us feel better about also means that we build trust in people to help look after us, and when something goes wrong we feel we can report it to someone close to us, who can then go on to resolve the situation. If you are a new care worker it may be difficult for you to create any kind of relationship with a client or service user, but you have to consider both the nature of yourself, and the individual you are supporting’s role. Being a vulnerable adult leads you susceptible to many forms of abuse and/or neglect, and because of the very nature of what is happening they have no idea how to respond to the abuse – they find it easier to let it continue, than fight it off. This vulnerable person needs to know there is somebody there who is willing to support them as not only does it help them to feel less alone, but it can help minimise the risk of abuse to them in the future, and being involved in care work is all about taking up that role. Carla has to rely on somebody else to help her get washed, dressed, cook a meal and get ready for bed. When people are no longer able to be in dependent like Carla, it tends to be an open invitation for some people to abuse them, and this is what she experienced through her neighbour. It is important to note that just because Carla needs help in looking after herself they do not lose any of their rights. Carla still has the right to be treated with respect and dignity; she has the right to be free from harm and supported in meeting her needs. Individual rights can be respected in a supported relationship with a care worker, as well as friends, family and other people Carla might come in to contact with. With these rights each individual will understand they are being treated equally with all opportunities available and they will learn to gain trust and work on their own independence, and this is where significant people can make a huge difference to a individuals health and well-being. Supportive relationships encourage individuals to do as much for themselves as possible in maintaining their independence, and emotional state, it also encourages those with conditions or disabilities like Carla who has had a stroke, to maximize their potential and independence. In order for adults to become resilient and empower their self-confidence, their self-esteem must be raised, and in order to allow this a supportive relationship must be provided. When the worker Charelle, provided a supportive relationship to Carla, she felt able to disclose episodes off abuse that was already taking place. By feeling safe in Charelle’s presence, and trusting her motives because of the caring nature of the relationship she had provided, it meant the abuse was able to come to an end, leaving Carla feeling safe once again, knowing she was now looked after by someone she trusted. Denzil once had a life of crime, the way he live before prison was not safe. However since returning to the community and having a place to stay in a hostel he has been able to avoid the temptations that could cause him to; firstly get in to trouble again with the law, and secondly put his life at risk. He has been able to avoid such ideations because of the supportive relationship he has in place with the hostel worker, Dave, who provides him with daily support. This relationship shows how neglect can be...
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