Syllabus MIS Winter 15 M W Mgt 325 1

Topics: Information systems, Management information system, Management Pages: 2 (744 words) Published: February 5, 2015
MGMT 325: Management Information Systems

Instructor: Danilo Sirias, Ph.D.
Office: C 325
Phone: 964 6080
E-mail: [email protected] (Best way to contact me) also via Facebook and Skype Office Hours:TBA
Required Texts:Marakas. Introduction to Information Systems, Prentice Hall, 16th Edition, MGT 325 Management Information System Pearson Custom Library

Philosophy and Goals: All organizations depend upon information to operate successfully. The study of Management Information Systems exposes the dependency of current business practice on the processing of data into information using electronic means. This dependency is described in terms of managerial, technical and organizational needs and profiles the role of Management Information Systems (MIS) in strategic, tactical and operational activities. The course describes current professional practices and methodologies in the MIS discipline. It includes the fundamental difference between data and information, types of information systems, database management, telecommunication and Enterprise Resource Planning. Particular attention is given to marketing, manufacturing, and human resource application systems. Case studies and experiential exercises are utilized to develop group participation and communication skills. Group projects are required to demonstrates planning, coordination, teamwork, and professional use of word processing and presentation software.

Performance Objectives: The following objectives will be demonstrated through class participation, exams, and the successful completion of written and oral assignments.

1. To develop an understanding of the role of information system managers in solving business problems 2. To explore the types of information systems available to various functional managers for decision support and examples of how they are used 3. To understand how computer resources can be used at all levels of decision-making and in the major functional management...
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