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Individual Project - Tanglewood Case Study:

Each student will write a staffing organization model. This project permits students to apply concepts from the first 6 weeks of class. Although the project is not due until the last week of class, students must submit a 1 page summary of their plan for completing the project at the mid-point of the course. Students are encouraged to begin early to ensure that the project is submitted on time, and you should expect to spend at least 1 hour each week working on the individual project from week 3-8.  

A solid, strategic staffing strategy requires making sound decisions about the acquisition, deployment, and retention of employees. The book denotes thirteen decisions (p. 25, Exhibit 1.7).  
Students must apply this strategy to complete the Tanglewood Case Study:  
•Apply the Staffing Organizations Model
•Distinguish internal and external influences on the staffing process •Interpret staffing processes with a legal perspective
•Describe how Human Resource Strategy relates to broader organizational strategies •Execute the process of job analysis
•Identify all aspects of the external and internal recruitment process •Explain the long-term impact of staffing decisions
Below is the link to the case you will review, it refers to the Tanglewood case that is noted in the textbook.  
In this assignment you will be concentrating on staffing quantity and staffing quality strategies for Tanglewood, an imaginary company. To begin the assignment, refer to Exhibit 1.7 in the textbook. You will see that the Exhibit indicates a series of strategic staffing decisions: nine pertaining to staffing levels and four pertaining to staffing quality. Donald Penchiala, the Director of Staffing Services, is interested in your opinions about each of these decisions as each pertains to Tanglewood.

Review the textbook material that discusses...
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