TED 626 UNIT 1 Assignment 1A Case Study Reflection

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Unit 1- Assignment 1A- Case Study Reflection

Jerry La

National University

TED 626 Classroom Management
Instructor: William Blankinship November 25, 2014 Unit 1- Assignment 1A- Case Study Reflection
Case Study 1:  Final Score = __88%____
Case Study 6:  Final Score = __100%____

1.  Describe three things that you found interesting and/or helpful to you as a future teacher. a. Learning how to help students in learning behaviors that I want them to demonstrate in the classroom. Teachers and students must create discipline plans including rules with clear and effective consequences. The rules should be agreed upon and understood by everyone in the class. It should be understood that when rules are broken, consequences will be applied fairly and consistently. By actively involving students in developing rules within the classroom promotes mutual respect, cooperation, self-discipline and personal responsibility while also providing the structure and security students need. b. Intervening disruptive behavior without losing instructional time and the lack of safety, and a calm classroom environment. Understanding how to intervene disruptive behavior without taking away from instructional time will definitely help as a future teacher. In Case Study 6 it says that by analyzing the situation in more detail and carefully reviewing the specific types of activities in which students are behaving responsibly and when they are having difficulty can help a teacher identify what changes they need to make in their teaching strategies. By doing this will ensure increase success in positive behavior. c. How to work with students that continually disrupt transitions by failing to follow directions, talking loudly and moving rapidly around the room. I know that every classroom is going to have those couple of students who constantly disrupt the class. I like the suggestion of...

References: Pearson Classroom Management Simulations: Case Study 1 and 6: Retrieved from http://minisim.pearsoncmg.com/classroom_deploy_20100128/CM_case01.html?&subType=CoCo&key=16469124751512097010252014
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