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Term 1 Standard examination 2014
Examination Advice

Write all answers in the Examination Answer Booklet provided.


This examination is worth a total of 100 marks.


Questions 1 & 2 are worth 20 marks each.


Questions 3 & 4 are worth 30 marks each.


Questions are to be answered in relation to the case study of “Vodafone: Rethinking International Strategy”

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------You have weeks 10, 11 and 12 to make full use of the exam case materials. Specifics will not be provided as to the focus of the questions. All questions will address core issues from the case.

There will be no question in the exam that assumes knowledge that is not covered in the core materials/concepts taught in this course. Preparation for the exam consists of reviewing the case for the major issues and doing analysis to develop insights into those issues. You should get yourself to a position where you can recreate relevant, insightful analysis and draw on key findings you have already developed.

Ideal preparation would be to approach it like you are preparing to write the best case study report that you can that addresses all the key issues. You would do all the same sorts of analyses you have done for other cases and some more specific.

You will be expected to develop forward looking recommendations, as you would for any case study report.

Term 1 Standard examination 2014

You are allowed to work in your groups, or with other peers in preparation and this is highly recommended.
Students who do not prepare analysis and key findings in advance will struggle to complete the analysis and develop the level of findings expected. You cannot bring you own copy of the case or workings into the exam. You will need to recreate from memory the work you have done in preparation. Best wishes for your exam...
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