The Case Study of Mr. Black, Ms. Blue, and Mr. White

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The Art of Leadership
Case Study # 1

The Case Study of Mr. Black, Ms. Blue, and Mr. White

In a situation like this, I would gather all my employees together and let each and every one of them know that business is picking up, thank everyone for their hard work and dedication, and let them know that I see quite a few things going on; some good and many that are not so impressive. I would go on to let them know that there will be some policy changes and that there will be some incentives at the end of each quarter but to be eligible to receive the rewards the organization will have to adhere to these changes. Each supervisor, manager, and crew leader must make sure all deadlines are met. Each supervisor, manager, and crew leader must carry out his/her job duties to the fullest extent of his/her title and duty description. Each supervisor, manager and crew leader must pull his/her own weight while on the grounds of Turner Inc. Each staff member must be on time dressed and ready to perform assigned duties. Each staff member must respect their position, the company, and their fellow staff members. (A sign will be hung throughout Turner Inc. that reads): DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM TO DO UNTO YOU! Finally, let them know that they are valued but also stress the fact that there are thousands that are waiting to step right into their positions. Consequently, there are those that need to be pulled into the office for an extra pep talk/tongue lashing; Mr. Black, Ms. Blue, and Mr. White. Reiterate to them that they will be on probation for 30 days to make sure all policy and rules are followed.
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