The Culture of Iceland

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Icelandic Cultures
Far across the Atlantic Ocean lies the continent of Europe and in the northern section lies the country of Iceland fully of green fields and of many interesting customs and ideals. Iceland is a European nation located in northern Europe several miles below the Arctic Circle. Large Glaciers, hot springs, geysers, and volcanoes are all numerously scattered throughout this island country. Iceland itself is named after and explorer who happened to be upset when looking out across the nation and saw nothing but coastal waters covered over with ice. Iceland is often referred to as the land of the midnight sun due to the fact that during June it is light nearly 24 hours a day.

Iceland is not like the US in the fact they have a Nationally Proclaimed language. The US is understood to have English as their language but it is not official. In Iceland though Icelandic is there official language and everyone is taught to speak it from cradle till grave.

Iceland’s government system is classified as a republic. The people elect a president for a four year term and the president is the official head of state but yet has little influence on the actual government. He is more like an authority icon. The prime minister and the cabinet actually propose and carry out all government policies. The prime minister and the cabinet itself are actually appointed by the Althing. The Althing is the equivalent of the parliament in England. The Current political leaders of Iceland are the president Olafur Ragnar GRIMSSON and the prime minister Halldor ASGRIMSSON. Something funny, in Iceland it was once against the law to own a pet dog.

Education in Iceland is of the greatest in the world. In Iceland being able to read is universal and has been since the end of the 18th century. Iceland’s education Level not just its literacy level is also very high. Schooling is required for everyone in Iceland from the age of seven until the age of sixteen. Education in Iceland...

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