The Nice Guy

Topics: Lay, Bullet, Call option Pages: 1 (281 words) Published: January 21, 2013
Trust is a pretty important qualiy a CEO must possess. But from the case study it looks as if Paul doesn’t possess blend of all qualities a CEO must possess.You have to be nice but being nice to affect the compay’s business may backfire u.When he calls his secretary,he asks about her personal things which again looks very polite guy.But a leader should 1st look at work getting done.Instead of calling other people Aron he himself thinks of solving.(Lacks delegation skills here). Maybe he assumes that George only knows technical stuff and cant handle customers?? Or maybe not.He feels being feisty is negative .But being aggressvive is an important quality of CEO. He is unprepared to bite the bullet by laying off Lisa as surely shes a liability because its been many days that she has been not performing.Surely there is a valid reason,but he should have delegated it to Andrea at very early stage if not lay off,also should have tried discussing the matter well in advance that higher managemen is unhappy with it.Take a break or something.Conveyed in a right manner.He knows what steps could he take but should have taken those well in advance if his promotion was due. Staying away from the sessions is assumed wrongly by Paul. He cannot stand when people are trying to take advantage??? This though baffles me most..He has to be more strong in this as always competetors try to take advantage in weak conditions of company.This pressure is daily for CEO.Always ready for compromise doesn’t sound a proper attitude. Nice way as a pitcher.
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